Leadership Team

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Kristine Reymont
Executive Director

Kristine has been in senior living for 18 years. She started out by taking care of her father for ten years and when he passed away she decided to start a career in senior living.

She has been a volunteer, activity director, memory care director, and executive director.

Her love for seniors has blossomed over the years and she is very excited to be here at Gladding Ridge!

Her passion is to do what is best and to take care of our seniors. You will see her walking the hallway and joining in on activities as her time allows.

You will love getting to know her she is kind, compassionate, and dedicated. She always wants to do what is best for our seniors and their families.

Kristine has a family of four grown children and three grandchildren whom she adores.

In her spare time, she enjoys scrabble, movies, and reading. She loves spending quality time with her husband of 33 years.

Mikaela DeWitt
Business Office Manager

I started working for the company in 2012 in housekeeping. As I grew closer to each and every resident, my job became my home away from home. After a year and half of housekeeping, I moved onto a concierge position where I found a whole new interest in admin work. I knew that this job was meant for me. Ten months into the position, I was offered the Business Office Manager position to continue my career.
As the Business Office Manager, I am responsible for making our community policies and regulations easy and clear for our residents and their loved ones. I oversee the concierges, meet with family members regarding admission agreements, and manage deposits and billing. I also serve as human resources for the amazing employees by making sure that all policies and procedures are being followed.
Working with seniors has made me come to appreciate the finer things in life. I have learned to slow down and take time with the people I love, including all our residents. I know that working with seniors is what I was meant to do.

Terri Gonzalez

As Housekeeping Director, I oversee our housekeepers and the laundry. I ensure the cleanliness of our building and individual apartments as well as weekly deep cleaning and laundry services. In my six years with Gladding Ridge, I get the benefit of having the best of both worlds by not only doing what I am good at but enjoying quality time I get to spend with each resident.

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Destiny Moore

In 2020, I began working at Gladding Ridge. During this time, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know our wonderful residents and staff. I look forward to coming to work because it feels like I’m spending time with my second family.

As Concierge, I consider myself a liaison between many parties. My job ensures that I am helping residents have their needs met in an accurate and efficient manner. I pride myself in the work I do because I know it paves a clear pathway for my coworkers to provide the best care possible to our residents. My favorite part of working here overall would be the conversation I get to have with our residents each day.

Hannah Goetzel
Wellness Director

I first started with Platinum Living Services in 2014 and was recently promoted to the position of Wellness Director at Gladding Ridge. I previously worked at our sister communities Sierra Regency in Roseville and Oakwood Village in Auburn.

As the Wellness Director at Gladding Ridge, I work closely with our Resident Care Director and Executive Director to ensure each resident receives the proper care and attention they need while living with us. I help reach out to doctors, pharmacies, and family members to make sure our residents’ medications are organized and administered properly. I ensure that the medication rooms are as organized and efficient as possible.

I enjoy coming to work to see our residents’ smiling faces and know they are in good hands at Gladding Ridge. I am honored to be a part of the team and I look forward to many years at this beautiful community.

Clarence "Eddie" Johnson
Maintenance Director

I started working in the healthcare industry when I was 20 years old and found out very quickly that this was the work I was meant to do.

I love helping people, when I was young I use to follow my father around and help him fix things. My father was a great teacher and perfected my skills over the years. I went to school for Industrial Building Maintenance and later I became an EPA Universal Certified Technician for Heating and Air Conditioning. I have over 30 years of experience as a Maintenance Director.

The residents really make my day and I love to see them smile. I am extremely proud to be a part of Gladding Ridge. It’s a wonderful place and I am very fortunate to be here.

Jacquelene Mendoza
Activities & Life Enrichment Director

I began working at Gladding Ridge in 2018 and have valued the experiences I have had so far. I found a passion working with the elderly since I was young and throughout my college career so I have always gravitated back to working with this population. One of the aspects of my job that I admire is, to listen to the residents tell me of their past and to consider their different backgrounds. Listening about their upbringings and what they have experienced as compared to the period of time I’ve grown up in is remarkable. With activities, residents find themselves associating those moments with their own memories, and being a part of that has an impact on me. My job is to encourage socialization and to keep the residents engaged by improving their daily routine.

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Angela Johnson
Marketing Director

As the Marketing Director, I have the honor of guiding families and future residents as they begin their journey down the pathway of Assisted Living. Often, loved ones struggle with making a decision of this nature; I have the privilege of stepping in to help bridge the gap and make the process easier. Getting to unveil a new, exciting, and safe environment for a resident while providing the assurance that families need, knowing their loved one will be happy and secure in our community.

I have resided in the city of Lincoln since 2012. It is an absolute joy to contribute to our community by striving to provide optimal care and compassion to the residents and families of Gladding Ridge. The staff and residents in our Gladding Ridge family are second to none; I am thankful for each of them and hold them near and dear to my heart.

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Bailey McIntosh
Culinary Director

I started working at Gladding Ridge in October 2015 as a culinary assistant and about six months after that I was promoted to culinary cook. After about four and a half years of cooking, I was promoted to culinary director. As the culinary director, I am responsible for preparing the weekly menus, maintain compliance with food safety as well as proper food handling, and overseeing the culinary staff. One of my favorite parts of my job is talking with the residents and learning about their lives because each resident is so unique. I take great pride in what I do here at Gladding Ridge and I strive to ensure all of our residents are happy, healthy, and well-fed.

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Natasha Thornton
Lead Resident Care Provider

In 2018 I joined the Gladding Ridge team as a Caregiver. Gladding Ridge quickly became my "second home" as I got to know all of our wonderful residents and my fellow co-workers. After two years I was promoted to Lead Caregiver and soon after that, I was promoted to Resident Care Supervisor. As the RCL I assist the residents by creating Care Plans to best fit their needs as well as supporting the Caregivers to ensure that our residents get the best care possible.

Working in the healthcare industry has been a large part of my life and a passion of mine for the last nine years and I look forward to many more years in the future. One of my favorite things about my job is spending time with the residents and seeing them smile or hearing them laugh. I am very grateful to be a part of such an amazing team and to get to care for so many amazing people.

"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing"

-Theodore Roosevelt